Historical and Cultural complex "The Field of Glory"

Today a lot of people are familiar with the feat of Brest Fortress defenders, know about the defense of Grodno at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. However, only few people know what was the role of the defense of Polotsk at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and how important was the capture of the city for the Nazi command. To reveal this page of military history of Belarus the historical and cultural complex “The Field of Glory” was created. The complex is dedicated to the history of Polotsk fortified district (FD) that was a part of the fortification system known as “The Stalin Line”. Polotsk FD is one of the fortified districts that accomplished its mission in the initial period of the War. Only few people know about Polotsk FD whose defenders – soldiers of the 508th Infantry Regiments of the 174th Infantry Division and the 43rd Machine-gun Battalion of Polotsk FD held off the enemy for the long 20 days in June-July of 1941 so not to let it capture the city. At the complex “The Field of Glory” with the help of a tour guide from Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve you’ll find out a lot about military history, visit a real pillbox that is horribly marked by the War, enter a blindage, wander in the dugouts and will try to imagine how this place looked at the War start. You’ll find out about courageous people who paid their lives to hold off the superior enemy forces. Here in the Field of Glory in 1941 they started to “forge” the Great Victory of 1945.

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